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First Day as Community!

Welcome to The Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center Community. Although this particular lj-community is not run by moderators of these three actual museums this community was made just to keep you updated with recent exhibits at MoMA and The Metropolitan, also called "The Met" along with reminders of events at the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City (preferably)
This site is also open for discussion about any exhibits at these three museums so we can broaden our opinions about the art we see.
I've been wanting to open this community for quite some time now, since when i first joined LiveJournal there was no Met or MoMA community, and i've pretty much lived at the MoMA and the Metropolitan ^^; i just recently got affiliated with P.S.1 MoMA during my internship this summer there. Well anywhosel,now that this community is officially up and running, lets make the best of this community as artists and as people.<3
Here are the small small small small rules:
1. Please, if you are placing an image, put it under an lj cut =)
2. feel free to express your opinions-just dont be a bully.
3. have fun.hee hee ^^;
all posts relating to other museums and your own personal artwork is acceptable! Also open discussions about contemporary and classic artists are great.
Enjoy your stay at MoMA_theMet community
Love your moderator,
(and her techie advisor Natasha)
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