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The MoMa and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Wifi at the Met [26 Mar 2008|03:26pm]

I've been visiting the Met for months now, and it seems that they finally (re?)activated their free wifi service to museum patrons. I'm actually writing this in the Greek Gallery, sitting among all the sculptures.

I must say, this is how public museum should be.
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Tara Donovan Exhibit [13 Feb 2008|07:52pm]

The Tara Donovan installation in the modern art section just opened a couple of weeks/ a month ago @ the Met. Everyone should definitelly check it out! It takes up an entire room and is incredibly beautiful in its simplicity.
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banners! [10 Feb 2012|08:36pm]

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[04 Oct 2006|01:00am]

For those who love Contemporary art...
... this is society of fans and visitors of Contemporary art museum - KIASMA, situated in the center of Helsinki. Everybody who's interesting in the modern and contemporary arts in common are also welcomed! Working languages: Finnish and English.

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hoorayyy! [22 Aug 2006|06:26pm]

new Layout guys!
feedback please. :-)
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[17 Jun 2006|01:00am]

i took this picture at the moma in nyc:

Read more...Collapse )

i didn't remember to write down the name of the artist or the piece, does anyone know anything about it?

thank you!

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[01 Apr 2006|12:43pm]

has anyone seen the spanish exibit at the met?
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[19 Feb 2006|09:05am]

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Natasha and I will be viewing the Edvard Munch Exhibit this morning at MoMA hopefully it is as good as we are anticipating!
When i get back i will be sure to get a discussion...
and i would post pictures-but i have come to realize we should "respect the artwork"..then again i could just not use my flash on my camera...whatever ill see what i can do.


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[01 Jan 2006|04:11pm]

I'll try to ask this question in the clearest way possible.

On December 19th, my art class came to the MoMA and I was especially taken by the photography (my favorite art form). There was ONE PHOTOGRAPHER, though, that I really liked but for some reason I didn't take his name down. His pictures were mostly of people from the 1920s/30s/40s (I would say 30s) on the train...sort of unaware that he was taking the pictures. My favorite was of a teenage boy in a cap. Do you know this photographer?

If not, is there a list other than the useless one for me on the MoMA site of all of hte current photographers on display?

thankyou very much
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Community Promotion [25 Dec 2005|01:58pm]

[ mood | warm&fuzzy ]

Dude, this community needs some serious advertisement and promotions. I'm going to make some banners now and send them to you via email, since my AIM is screwed up. We need more people! :)

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Word... [23 Dec 2005|03:23pm]

These are all of the most CURRENT exhibits on display at the Metropolitan...I would recomend most of you to see Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings, Prague, and Santiago Calatrava.They are all quite exquisite and very powerful.

Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings
October 18, 2005–December 31, 2005

Fra Angelico
October 26, 2005–January 29, 2006

Robert Rauschenberg: Combines
December 20, 2005–April 2, 2006

Prague, The Crown of Bohemia, 1347–1437
September 20, 2005–January 3, 2006

Clouet to Seurat: French Drawings from The British Museum
November 8, 2005–January 29, 2006

Santiago Calatrava: Sculpture into Architecture
October 18, 2005–March 5, 2006

Antonello da Messina: Sicily’s Renaissance Master
December 13, 2005–March 5, 2006
Annual Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque Crèche
November 22, 2005–January 8, 2006

David Milne Watercolors: "Painting Toward the Light"
November 8, 2005–January 29, 2006
Pearls of the Parrot of India: The Emperor Akbar's Illustrated "Khamsa," 1597–98
October 14, 2005–March 12, 2006

The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult
September 27, 2005–December 31, 2005
Rara Avis: Selections from the Iris Barrel Apfel Collection
September 13, 2005–January 22, 2006

The Art of Medicine in Ancient Egypt
September 13, 2005–January 16, 2006
Secular and Sacred: Scholars, Deities, and Immortals in Chinese Art
September 10, 2005–January 8, 2006

Adorning the World: Art of the Marquesas Islands
May 10, 2005–January 15, 2006
Cameo Appearances
March 8, 2005–January 29, 2006

A Curator's Eye: J. Stewart Johnson at the Met, 1990–2004
March 1, 2005–February 5, 2006
The Armored Horse in Europe, 1480–1620
February 15, 2005–January 14, 2007

Open discussion on these Exhibits are welcomed ...just post your opinions!
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First Day as Community! [15 Oct 2005|04:47pm]

Welcome to The Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center Community. Although this particular lj-community is not run by moderators of these three actual museums this community was made just to keep you updated with recent exhibits at MoMA and The Metropolitan, also called "The Met" along with reminders of events at the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City (preferably)
This site is also open for discussion about any exhibits at these three museums so we can broaden our opinions about the art we see.
I've been wanting to open this community for quite some time now, since when i first joined LiveJournal there was no Met or MoMA community, and i've pretty much lived at the MoMA and the Metropolitan ^^; i just recently got affiliated with P.S.1 MoMA during my internship this summer there. Well anywhosel,now that this community is officially up and running, lets make the best of this community as artists and as people.<3
Here are the small small small small rules:
1. Please, if you are placing an image, put it under an lj cut =)
2. feel free to express your opinions-just dont be a bully.
3. have fun.hee hee ^^;
all posts relating to other museums and your own personal artwork is acceptable! Also open discussions about contemporary and classic artists are great.
Enjoy your stay at MoMA_theMet community
Love your moderator,
(and her techie advisor Natasha)
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